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The following books have all been done since retirement in January, 2000.
They represent a variety of interest and all are available while supplies last.

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March 2017. My Chaotic World Of Art

Written and published by Fred H Irons
Printed by Total Printing Systems Inc, Newton, Illinois
ISBN: 978-1-938911-86-6
102 pp, 8.5x11, Perfect Bound, A Coffee Table Book
Price: $ 19.95; Free Shipping; Continental USA Only

The Following is from the preface to the book.

This book is about my art journey which I started nine years ago, in January of 2008, as I went through a book called the Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. I was 75 when this journey started and that should be a hopeful sign for many people that life begins when and wherever you look around and start.

It has been a chaotic journey of ups and downs with good and bad results.

The work in this book has varying quality as I tried many things along the way. Much of my work was awful and found its way to the trash barrel. Searching my works revealed dozens of paintings that I had forgotten about ever doing. The art shown is a small portion of the total while it represents the ones that I like best for various, not always logical, reasons.

Mary Shelley wrote, in a revised edition of her Frankenstein, that "Invention arises out of chaos" and I felt that way about my art.

August 2016. A Journey To Friend-ship: With Events and Thoughts Along The Way

Written and published by Fred H Irons
Printed by Total Printing Systems Inc, Newton, Illinois
ISBN: 978-1-938911-82-8
154 pp, 4 Chapters plus Epilogue, 7x10, Perfect Bound, 26 Color Photos

This book is available, with no charge, to anyone who thinks they might be interested to read it. Just email me at: fsmax11(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know where to mail it. I thank you for your interest.

The Following is from the preface to the book.

The material in this book comes from a daily journalling habit. This book is about my search for religious and spiritual understanding and as such it is sometimes a slow, thought-provoking read. The reader may want to 'sit' with some thoughts before moving onto the next. This should not be a problem for anyone of a Quaker bent for it is common to seek discernment of thoughts rather than being pulled by the excitement of a 'narrative arc'.

The arc of this book is the path of thoughts and actions followed to arrive at a destination not known at the start of the journey.

The entries included represent random thoughts over a long period of time as they are triggered by either going to Friends' Meeting or in other spiritual activities; e.g., the Spirit Group at the Church of Universal Fellowship or other meditative classes such as the Senior College mysticism class.

This is a contemplative presentation, possibly what happens for many people in meditation. It fits a thoughtful approach as is found in the Quaker method of thinking. I start out as a curious investigator, wanting to test Silent Meeting to see if I can learn to live with latent anger, and after several years I take the plunge and become an official member of the Society of Friends. Along the way I learn many things as I become embroiled in supporting and trying to keep the Meeting alive.

It was a long but steady journey.

It is my hope that the thoughts presented herein will prove to be interesting to other readers and that they will prove to be helpful to those who find themselves walking a similar path.

July 2008. A Child of Air
by Jean Aspen

1st Edition, Published by Fred Irons
Printed by Fidlar Doubleday, Inc.
170 pp, 12 Chapters, BW, 5.5x8.5, perfect bound
ISBN: 978-1-4276-3181-7
$12.95 plus $3 USPS Media Mail shipping with delivery confirmation.
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Jeanie's first novel is available here only ... unless you are where she is ... a hard thing to do!
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The editorial reviewer wrote:
I admired many strengths in content, detail, imagery, tone, organization, and dialogue. Jean Aspen's novel, A Child of Air, addresses contemporary interests in personal and family values, ecology, and spirituality, in a compelling storytelling format and should find a broad appreciative audience.

Get the book and find your favorite metaphorical and/or poetical passsage.
Here are a few favorites already suggested.

pg. 108 ... You won't be ready for another life until you handle your own with integrity.
pg. 127 ... the intersection with I-10 reared suddenly above him, spidering into the sky on impossibly thin legs.
pg. 133 ... I sometimes think we do that to one another: cripple those we love so that they can't leave us.
pg. 157 ... He was willing to live with the uncertainty in order to dance with mystery.
pg. 158 ... He'd been given a second chance at life, and this time he planned to be present.

Another reader writes that he was surprised to read a lifelong belief of his when Ginger says:
pg. 105 ... We are God and God is us.

From Australia: ... I wanted to tell you I have read Jean's book and really liked it. I found it easy to read and really liked the storyline. As I got closer to the ending I was wondering if Christopher Bradford would find himself 'between two worlds' - as in the movie The Others. It was an enjoyable read indeed and I allowed myself space between reading time so it would last a little longer! I can see Jean has an open mind on many things.

From Tucson...John and I read Child of Air to each other while travelling in the car. We enjoyed, and I found myself caught up in the story. I cried like a baby towards the end.

* * *

Dec 2007 Introduction to Electrical Circuits and Signals
3rd Edition
Printed by Fidlar Doubleday, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4276-2637-0

A modern textbook for engineers interested in Electrical Engineering fundamentals. The book employs a unique collection of material and carefully illustrates the use of computer-aided (Matlab/MathCad) mathematical procedures to accomplish design. It is a revised and edited version of the two volume set of notes that was used in ECE211 for several years. It is also a good text to review most undergraduate material preparatory to taking qualifying exams.

The Book has drill problems with answers at the end of each lesson plus hundreds of review problems spaced about every third lesson throughout the text. Example laboratory exercises are also included in an appendix. Perfect bound, 78 chapters, 876 pp, indexed, 780 figures, detailed examples in each lesson, answers to selected Review Problems are also included in an appendix.

For more detail about the contents, see the
Table of Contents.

$39.95 includes Shipping (a bargain offerred here only)
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About the price: My better half says the book won't sell because the price is too low! Normally technical books of this size, with so many figures and equations, cost well over $100. The price is set where it is because I want to make it readily available to student budgets. That is why the price is what it is.

April 2006. Quilts Have a Story to Tell - A Social Studies Anthology
2nd Edition
Compiled and written by Persis B. Messer
Edited and rewritten by Fred & Sally Irons
Published by Fred Irons
Printed by Fidlar Doubleday, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59971-371-3
168 pp, 20 Chapters, BW, 7x10, Perfect Bound
For more detail about the contents and coverage of material, see the
Table of Contents.

$19.95 includes shipping via USPS Media Mail with tracking---while it lasts.
The book is also available at

The 1st Edition was printed in 2001 and went out of print in 2005.

The stories are all mostly human interest anecdotes that show the compassion, caring, and love a stitcher puts into the act of quilting. They also show the effect a quilt has upon the recipient of such a quilt. The author's effort to popularize the act of quilting and its role in society was always done with the same qualities that one brings to quilting. It is with a feeling of great privilege that we are able to help finish this work and bring a professionally crafted anthology of quilt stories to the public.

Persis was born in Bangor in 1913 and passed away there in 2001. She attended Farmington Normal School after graduation from High School whereupon her life was spent as an educator teaching in several local schools throughout her career. In 1960 she earned a BS in Education at the University of Maine in Orono, graduating with her daughter Jean. Later she held a Master of Education and a Master of Library Science, both from the University of Maine. She was a member of many organizations dealing with teachers, scouts, her church, quilts, and Delta Kappa Gamma International.

April 2005 Active Filters for Integrated-Circuit Applications
426 pp, 8 Chapters, ISBN 1-58053-896-7, $125
First draft completed in Sep 2003. This text has been published by Artech House, Inc and is currently available through their distribution system or at Visit for more detail.

This text is derived from a technical elective course that I taught in the '90's on the subject of active filters. The text was written as a retirement project to document the many techniques that are not used in other texts and to provide a modern teaching reference for the subject. Unique approaches are included for both the state variable approach and for switched capacitor techniques. The text concludes with a chapter where a unique solution to the approximation problem is redeveloped using Matlab. In addition it is demonstrated on several examples and shown to be a very useful approach to solving the filter design problem. The course was always fun to teach as the students liked it very much and it always received high ratings from the students. It was one of my favorite courses to teach.

Extensive use of the computer is emphasized, through Matlab and uCAP, where a large number of practical circuit designs are simulated and compared for design examples throughout the text.

For more detail about the contents and coverage of material, see the
Table of Contents. For a discussion on the Features, Content, and Use of Material, read the Preface from the text.
Contact Artech House Inc. or Amazon to order this book.

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