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Status: Retired since 2000
From the University of Maine Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering

You can go to: the EECE website at the University of Maine Department of Electrical Engineering to see a brief synopsis of my career. Currently, I am retired and spend my time with friends, when possible, but the vast majority of my time is spent on developing ability in new interests such as: playing the trumpet, writing, and drawing.

The photos, used to open this site, are here to illustrate these ongoing interests that take most of my waking time and energy. The left photo is of journals I have been writing since April of 2008 [There are 19 volumes there, of drafts and typeset versions, with Vol.20 in typing and the draft of Vol.21 about two-thirds complete]; The center photo is of a music inspired acrylic painting [See Art: 2012]; and the right photo is of a watercolor painting of a Toucan that I made in a Senior College art class [See Art: 2014]. The Toucan welcomes you to this site with the admonishment that: "You can if a Toucan!" Enjoy your visit. I hope you will pause and take a look around.

The above photos are also clues to explain my current pursuit to obtain an 'AMA' status in retirement. Let me know if you figure out what that might be. If you click on the photos they will take you to different sites: the first where I have books listed for sale; the second to the Bangor Band; and the third to the Bangor Art Society. Currently I am a member of both the Bangor Band and the Bangor Art Society. You can figure out the meaning, of AMA, by using the appropriate nouns for each of these activities.

This site is a place for me to document, for anyone who cares to read about it, my journeys along these different artistic and creative paths. In a sense, the art world is a foreign place, to an old engineer, and especially after passing the age of 70, so it is hoped that the entries, that appear here over time, will serve as encouragement to others who are struggling along these paths.

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Update Current Books Available, Mar 26, 2017

Update Current Books Available, Dec 31, 2017

This has been a recuperative year for me, by the discovery of a tumor in my brain, in April,
with subsequent radiation treatment and its side-effects, followed by a debilitating
TURP surgery, in December, that is being slow to recover. As a result, any artisitic output has been slow,
as well as difficult, for this year.